Logitec Also Releases a Slim USB 3.0 Blu-Ray Drive

The optical disk reader and writer is up for sale at $117 / 88.25 Euro

Logitec's external hard disk drive cases weren't launched alone. The Japanese storage device and accessory maker also released a Blu-ray player.

Called LBD-PMF6U3HBKW, the newcomer is a Blu-ray writer capable of scribing data at speeds of 4X on triple-layer and quad-layer disks, or 6X on double- and single-layer ones.

BD-RE XL discs can be written as well, but only at 2X speeds.

DVDs and CDs can be written even faster of course, but not overly so (8X and 24X, respectively).

Has this been a standard optical drive, the SATA interface would have allowed for more. USB 3.0 isn't as speedy though, despite being quite fast compared to USB 2.0.

At any rate, Logitec is accepting orders for LBD-PMF6U3HBKW, bundled with TotalMediaRecord 2 and TotalMediaTheater 2, for 9,800 (US $117 / 88.25 Euro).

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