Log In to an Expired Windows XP

Circumvent the failed activation limitations imposed by Windows

A Windows XP that has failed Product Activation will lock its users out of the operating system. Windows will simply refuse to login, and will redirect users time and again to the activation option. But is there a way

to still access your content via the operating system? Launching Windows in Safe Mode will permit access to the basic functionality of the operating system. But there is another way.

From the Login screen of an expired copy of Windows, click login. You will be prompted with an error message that will inform you of the expired status of your operating system and that will feature an option to activate the product. Clicking YES will make a "Let's Activate Windows" window appear.

Now press the Windows Key + the "U" key to bring up the Narrator dialog box. The Narrator dialog box features a computer icon in the top left corner. Further clicking it will display a drop down menu. Navigate to the bottom option that reads "About Narrator." This action will open another box "About Narrator". No big surprise here; in fact, this is what we wanted all along.

In the "About Narrator" windows you can see a link pointing to the Microsoft Website. Clicking the link will launch Internet Explorer. And there you go. As in Windows XP there is an intimate connection between Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer, via the browser window you can navigate on your drives. You just have to know the address, such as "C:\documents and settings\username\Start Menu\Programs." A big thanks goes to The Tomorrow Times for making details available.

This technique has been presented here for informative purposes only. Softpedia does not, in any way, support piracy. In fact, this article was written on an activated and genuine copy of Windows XP.


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