Loads of Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks Will Launch at Computex

Not that anyone expected anything less than a veritable outpour

The next big consumer electronics trade show is going to take place in Taipei, Taiwan, in June.

Dubbed Computex, it is a yearly gathering which, on this occasion, will act as the launch pad for many Ivy Bridge ultrabooks, according to Digitimes.

Then again, we didn't really need a report like this to guess that laptop makers would be letting loose at the event.

Computex always marks the appearance of a boatload of new PCs after all, and Ultrabooks are the most often mentioned nowadays, for better or worse.

Intel, Acer and Asustek Computer will probably lead in terms of sheer number of new products, as each has rented about 50 booth spaces.

Microsoft is supposed to contribute to the product showcasing.

In addition to ultrabooks, Computex 2012 will be the place of release for smart handheld devices, cloud computing services and new e-readers and possibly that Kindle Fire successors we've been hearing about.

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