Loaded Gun Found in Frozen Meat Package by Grocery Store Employee

Turns out PETA was right about how we should all just become vegetarians

Up until now, most of PETA's anti-meat consumption campaigns proved to be futile.

However, the loaded gun one grocery store employee in New Mexico found in a frozen meat package might just do the trick and convince people to turn towards fruits and vegetables insteads.

Needless to say, nobody has any idea where the gun came from.

Local authorities are presently trying to figure out whether somebody simply misplaced the weapon out of sheer negligence, or if perhaps they purposely hid it inside the meat package.

Given the fact that, at least thus far, nobody came to claim the gun and nobody bothered to file a report saying that such a weapon was stolen from them, the second theory (that someone tried to get rid of the gun) seems more plausible.

The police hopes that the semi-automated gun's serial number will lead them to its rightful owner.

The gun was a .38 Super and was loaded with seven rounds of ammunition. It was found inside a meat package which came from a plant in Greeley, Colo., sources report.

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