Real Live TV Finally Arrives on the iPad - NYC Only

Aereo equips customers with a tiny antenna allowing them to watch TV even on the street

Aereo is a new service which allows tablet PC owners to sign up for a $12 monthly program and watch all their favorite TV shows, sports, movies etc., anywhere they are, even on the street.

Aereo supplies customers with a coin-sized antenna (the company doesn’t specify where the thing actually goes) and everything is handled by the power of the Internet.

Internet Protocol television (IPTV) delivers television services using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network, instead of traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, or cable formats.

Needless to point out, live TV on your iPad is not something you want to miss out on. DirecTV offers it too, but it’s not IPTV, so you can’t leave your house. Actually, you can (it’s not like they’ll quarantine you), but you’ll lose the signal.

Aereo is exclusive to New York City customers and it seems the television companies are already trying to take down the service, which is not at all surprising. Steve Jobs couldn't disrupt their business. We doubt Aereo will be able to do it any time soon. Here’s their marketing pitch for the product:

“Imagine the antenna on your roof or rabbit ears on your TV was somewhere you never had to see them. Aereo makes that possible. Here’s how,” says the company:

We made the TV antenna unbelievably small

So small it fits on the tip of your finger. But it still gets awesome HD reception.

We connected these antennas to the Internet

We engineered a way to put tons of these antennas in data centers, along with massive amounts of storage and super-fast Internet connections.

We give you control

We built a simple, elegant interface to let you control your antenna. Through the Internet. With any device you want. All without cords, cables, or boxes.

Visit their site for more information.

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