Live Stream: Billy, the Abused Chihuahua, Greets the Public

Rescuer Adam Parascandola answers questions people have sent via Twitter

It was only yesterday when I first wrote about Billy, an adorable Chihuahua rescued by Adam Parascandola and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) from a puppy mill in North Carolina.

This December 7 at 1 pm EST, both Billy and Adam are to meet the public, courtesy of a live stream set up by the HSUS.

During this, Billy will show off his new and improved figure, and Adam will answer some of the questions submitted via Twitter by people who took a genuine interest in Billy's story.

Those who want to watch it but feel that they might need a reminder, should only text BILLYCAM to 30644, and they will receive a notification in due time.

The live stream will be made available at this link.

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