Little Girl's Incredible Boxing Skills Make Her a Viral Hit

A feisty, young female boxer shows off her strength, speed and agility

A video from Kazakhstan caught my eye this week, and it's about a little girl who could take on any robber or intruder and make him weep.

It was uploaded by user Рустам Садвакасов to YouTube, about nine days ago, and has since racked up over 225,000 views.

The clip shows a feisty female boxer, who is probably just in middle school. You couldn't tell that, though, judging from her speed, agility and concentration.

She appears strong, alert and focused, as if she knows what she wants and she will beat you up if you don't give it to her.

User discretion is advised, as the tune playing in the clip background contains explicit language.

Do you approve of children as young as this learning how to box? Give your take in the comment section.

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