Little Girl Gets Train Ride, Has Adorable Reaction to Birthday Present

Madeleine Dubois is excited about her first train ride

I definitely do not remember my first train ride but I can imagine my first reaction must have been very similar to that of the little girl featured in the video above.

Madeleine Dubois is incredibly overjoyed by getting to ride a train for the first time, and her facial expressions are simply priceless.

According to Daily Mail, her Nashville family used to live by the tracks, and she's always been fascinated by trains. She gets the train ride as a present for her third birthday.

“She was like, ‘I wanna ride a train,’ so we did that for her birthday. We didn't know quite how she would react.

“If she reacted in terror, it would have been different. At that age, they're so honest and sincere, and I love that raw excitement,” Madeleine’s father said.

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