Lithuanian Police Website Hacked and Defaced by SlixMe

The hacker claims that this is just the beginning

A hacker that uses the online moniker SlixMe claims to have breached the official website of the Lithuanian Police.

The defacement page has been removed, but a screenshot published by the hacker shows that he has managed to place his defacement page in the site’s “binary” folder.

The hacker hasn’t revealed his reasons for targeting the website managed by Lithuania’s Ministry of Interior.

However, in an email he sent me, SlixMe said that this was “just the beginning.”

Police websites are often targeted by hackers who protest against governments, or by ones who simply want to show off their skills. At the beginning of November, an Algerian hacker defaced the official website of India’s West Bengal Police.

In September, a hacker group called Domainer attacked the official site of the South African Police.

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