Listen: Lil Wayne, Paris Hilton “Last Night”

New Afrojack produced track emerges online, is instantly ridiculed

Paris Hilton is yet to give up on the idea of becoming a legit singer and proof of that is even more leaked music with her signature on it. This time, we’re getting a remix with Lil Wayne.

Indeed, the rapper has agreed to a cameo on the DJ Afrojack-produced “Last Night,” which features a heavily Autotuned Paris on the vocals.

You can listen to the track in full above, if you feel up to it.

This is not the first time we hear “Last Night,” so we might not be wrong in assuming Paris’ contribution to the masterpiece above isn’t new.

However, I can’t for the world imagine why Lil Wayne would ever think having his name associated with her would be a good idea, especially since Paris isn’t exactly known for being an extraordinary singer.

I would not deny her merits as a businesswoman and her shrewdness in all things celebrity-related, but a singer she is not.

Check out the track above and drop me a line in the comments section with your take on it.

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