Listen: Christina Aguilera “Blank Page”

Singer debuts new song off “Lotus” album online, as a treat for fans

Christina Aguilera is hoping her brand new album “Lotus” will do what her previous release, “Bionic,” failed to do in terms of sales. If her first two singles off it are any indication, it will.

The leading single off “Lotus” is the dance track “Your Body.” Christina is following it up with a ballad only she could sing, “Blank Page.”

Check it out above: it’s soft but powerful, soaring, awe-inspiring, touching.

“Sharing a special song from the new #LOTUS album – Blank Page. Enjoy!” Aguilera tweeted the other day, announcing the availability of her new track.

So, listen to the track and let me know what you make of it, in the comments section below.

As a bonus, I’m also including two videos of Christina’s appearance on The Today Show, in which she talked about anything from her stint on The Voice and her son to, of course, her new album.

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