Liquid Lava Lamp Loudspeakers' Lovely Light

Groove is in the lamp. Speakers too.

Now, everybody knows lava lamps; they have made history back in the groovy ‘60s era and since then, they have remained an item dear to many people, continuing to exert fascination and pleasing the sights of many, warming up the atmosphere in homes.

The lava lamp is in fact one of the 20th century icons, earning its rightful place among other inventions to be remembered after hundreds of years. Now it's time the common lava lamp evolved and so it did, in a very nice way: it changed into a loudspeaker.

Ha-ha, looking at it I can't really settle for one of the following: have speakers gotten a lava lamp or the vice-versa? Fact is that the I-Light speakers (damn, I-ing! Again!) are one cool device. Plug in an audio source, such as your computer or portable player and turn the “speakerful lamp” on. A tide of warm, relaxing colors will fill out the room while your fav tunes will make you feel good.

Colors and shapes change according to the music you're listening to and the control buttons allow even further setup for this device: volume, light and sound sensitivity. Now, I haven't tried playing fast death metal on the I-Light... should any metalhead buy it and rock on, let me know, please.

Roughly 40 cm tall and with a square section with 7 cm sides, the I-light speakers are truly portable, along with their light and shapes as well. The audio connection cord is supplied in the package as well as the UK and it is suitable for children 8+.

The two crystal clear speakers it is equipped with ensure a good sound quality, yet don't be tempted to throw a monster party with two lamps. Instead of having 50 people wrecking havoc in your house and eventually destroying the lovely lava lamps by means of dropped kegs of beer, try thinking using the I-Light for creating a most retro and romantic atmosphere for you and your sweetheart, because that's more likely a proper use for these speakers.

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