Liquid Daffodil's Unification for Windows Phone Gets Modified, Republished

The app is bound to receive some more enhancements soon

On April 1, Liquid Daffodil made available for download its Unification application for devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, though the timing of the release was not the best for the company, it seems.

Roughly a week later, however, the app received a series of changes and was republished for the platform, and all owners of Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 devices can now download and install it.

For those out of the loop, we should note that Unification was pushed to Microsoft’s platform as a comprehensive Notification Center service, enabling mobile users to enjoy a secure, encrypted, single-source, cross-device notification platform while on the go.

Furthermore, the service comes with support for all Windows-based OSes from Microsoft, including Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, and Windows Desktop.

“The service, hosted as a Windows Azure Cloud Service, will be entirely app-centric and require developer participation and user ‘opt in’ for authorization,” the company notes in the app’s description.

“Ready for the first step to an awesome ‘Notification Hub’ for all devices? Check out Unification,” they continue.

According to WPCentral, the app now features a new logo, along with a new location, some other improvements, and should receive a series of enhancements on Windows Phone in the not too distant future.

In fact, it seems that Microsoft themselves contacted the company to suggest some changes to it, especially for the Windows Phone 7 flavor, and that these modifications will be made in the not too distant future.

The re-launched Unification app comes with multi-select for actions, and also enables users to request favorite apps to get “Unification Ready” straight from the software, it seems.

Windows Phone applications need to be certified to work with the service, but that is something that their own developers need to take care of.

Unification for Windows Phone can be downloaded for free, and is available on Softpedia as well, via this link.

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