Lioness Befriends Young Boy, Starts Mirroring His Movements

The feline displayed some signs of aggression at first, yet soon became quite curious

While visiting a zoo in Miami, Florida, young Matthew got the opportunity to make a new friend: a lioness which seemed more than eager to spend some quality time mirroring his movements.

Apparently, the feline started out by being rather aggressive towards the young boy, yet soon enough curiosity took over and the big cat decided that, rather than trying to attack 7-year-old Mathew, it would be way cooler if they were to engage in some inter-species communication.

Their conversation lasted for about 10 minutes, Daily Mail reports, after which the lioness came to realize that the time had come for each of them to go about their business.

“She [the lioness] seemed to be analysing him and was waiting to see what his next move would be - she wasn't interested at all in me,” the boy's father commented with respect to his son's experience.

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