Lion Escapes During Circus Performance

The animal scared the life out of spectators, circus staff had a tough time restraining it

This past Sunday, a lion owned by the Hungarian traveling circus “Safari” escaped during a performance in Macedonia and scared the life out of the spectators.

Apparently, the lion managed to reach the audience because of a fault in the cage barrier which was supposed to keep it confined on the podium. Luckily, nobody was injured.

“It was horrifying, children were screaming and women were fainting,” an eyewitness told members of the press.

“The lion pulled the fence and hurled towards us. We all started to run and whole hell broke loose. The lion got agitated and they were having a hard time restraining it,” another terrified spectator said.

Presently, police officers are investigating whether or not the people in charge of running the circus can be charged with negligence.

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