Lion Cub Found Walking Around a Russian Village

Schoolchildren were the first to spot the animal, took it with them to school

Local authorities in Russia's Rostov region are now trying to solve the mystery of how a lion cub ended up wandering around a village in this part of the country.

The lion cub was first spotted by children, who decided to take it with them to school. Once their teachers set eyes on the animal, they locked it inside the gym and called the police.

For the time being, nobody can say for sure whom this cub belongs to, but most people agree that it must have escaped from a traveling zoo. The baby lion is roughly six months old and finds itself in good health.

"There has never been such a case that a lion cub was found in the wild here in our region or somewhere else around. I can't remember something like that even though I have worked in the Zoo for the last 32 years."

"Something like this has never happened," the Deputy Director of the Rostov Zoo commented with respect to this incident.

More information and footage of the lion cub is made available to you in the video below.

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