Linux Users Get Unbanned from World of Warcraft Servers

Blizzard comes around

I've previously reported some Cedaga Linux users were banned from Word of Warcraft servers for no apparent reasons. To the delight of WoW fans everywhere, Blizzard has looked into this and decided to un-ban those Linux users who were not using 3rd party applications (cheats).

According to forum posts, Blizzard has sent out an email to all those who were wrongfully banned, explaining that they use a software that automatically bans "shady" accounts. They apologized for the trouble caused to all Cedega users and they reinstated their accounts, giving them 20 days free playtime.

They emphasize that, once they've heard that some Cedega users were banned for no cheating-related reason, they reviewed the situation with the Cedega development team. But they do not explain if those wrongfully banned accounts were reinstated with the same powers and spells. I certainly hope so.

Previously, I declared that Blizzard doesn't seem to mind if they lose the Cedega accounts as they have reached 7.5 million subscribers. I must take that back now, as Blizzard proved me wrong and looked into the problem. Thumbs up for Blizzard!

Even if Blizzard shows signs of compassion once in a while, keep in mind that they run WoW servers very strictly, and they will ban any cheating attempt.

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