Linux Users Get Banned from World of Warcraft

With 7.5 million subscribers, who gives a damn?

Seems like it's getting tougher and tougher to play your favorite MMORPG and mine, World of Warcraft, nowadays, as Blizzard Entertainment keeps on banning accounts for no apparent reason.

Slashdot reports that some Linux users, namely Cedega (formerly known as WINEX) users have been banned from Word of Warcraft servers. Apparently, they were victims of a security sweep of U.S. game servers. This security sweep was performed by Blizzard's Word of Warcraft Game Master staff and is meant to prevent further cheating on WoW servers. It may seem like a correct measure taken by Blizzard but what happens when the security sweep goes amok and when it bans cheat-free users?

Cedega users claim to be innocent and deny ever using any third-party cheating software. Despite their guilt denials, they still receive the "Notice of Account Closure" email that every banned user gets.

It is not my responsibility to say whether or not those Cedega users should have been banned, as I don't have all the facts. It comes down to their word against Blizzard's and frankly, I don't see Blizzard minding the likes of Cedega as they have recently reached 7.5 million subscribers.

But keep in mind that Blizzard banned only last week the entire Overrated guild and nobody seemed to mind. What is fair is that Overrated admitted that they cheated, saying that they had it coming.

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