Linux Mint 14 Nadia Officially Released, Download Now

After six months of development, Nadia is finally here

Linux Mint, a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system based on Ubuntu and Debian, has just reached version 14.0.

Linux Mint 14, codenamed Nadia, has spent six months in development and features a lot of improvements, better stability, and a new desktop experience.

The first thing users will notice is the MATE desktop environment, which is a continuation of GNOME 2. The implemented version of Mate, 1.4, is quite stable and provides features that were never available for GNOME.

According to its developers, MATE 1.4 comes with numerous bug fixes. Bluetooth and mate-keyring are now functional and Caja has support for Dropbox.

Also, MATE comes with a complete character map, fast alt-tabbing with Marco compositing, a selection of notification styles, and various Caja improvements.

Linux Mint 14 Nadia has an alternative to MATE called Cinnamon. The version made available for this release is 1.6.

One of the best functions added to the Linux Mint distribution are the persistent workspaces. Users can create a workspace whenever they want by clicking the “+” button and it will remain there until they decide to delete it, even if they log off or reboot.

Moreover, the workspaces can be renamed so that users have an easier time finding their activities. The Workspace OSD (On-Screen-Display) is also configurable. Users can set its duration, its position on the screen and whether they want it to show up or not.

Highlights of Linux Mint 14 Nadia:

• The panel heights are now configurable;

• The Window Quick-List is a new applet which lists all your windows across all workspaces;

• When you add the notifications applet to your panel it keeps track of any notification you didn’t dismiss;

• The Alt-Tab window switcher is now configurable;

• Music lovers will enjoy some of the improvements in the Sound Applet;

• The Nemo file browser has been implemented,

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of changes and updates.

Download Linux Mint 14 Nadia right now from Softpedia.

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