Linux Media Center Plays YouTube Content

The first open source Linux-based embedded media center

Neuros Technology, previously known as a division of Digital Innovations under the name Neuros Audio, is a Chicago-based company that produces a number of audio and video devices with the brand name Neuros. A distinguishing feature of the Neuros devices is that they use open source software, the company requiring feedback from the community during the development of their products.

Recently, a cute little product got my attention as it is able to play back You Tube content. This due to the pre-released firmware for the OSD networkable set-top box, based on Linux, developed by Neuros Technology. This firmware allows the OSD to browse and play the entire YouTube video collection on any standard-definition or HD TV. Another amazing feature would be the fact that the little software here also supports keyword searching and browsing by category.

Its UI is not very appealing, but this is not a very important aspect, as the Neuros developers said they are currently working on improvements and many other new functionalities which would be integrated in the future updates.

"And with our Linux-based open source operating system and considerable help from our worldwide community of users and developers, we're continuously providing new features and benefits via free, downloadable firmware upgrades that you can install in minutes via the user interface", claims Neuros on its website.

If you take a look at the company's website, you'll notice that Neuros OSD is more powerful than you might have initially thought. Just counting here the fact that this media centre is able to record and play to/from memory cards/USB devices, to record from a S-Video or RCA Composite Cable (such as DVD, VCR, CAMCODER, TiVo/DVR, cable/satellite TV), to stream PC media to TV/Stereo through LAN, I think is a good example for what I mean.

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