Linux Kernel 3.5.6 Approaching End of Life, Fast

This latest version of Linux kernel in the 3.5.x branch can be downloaded from Softpedia

Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the immediate availability for download of the sixth and second to last maintenance release for the stable Linux 3.5 kernel series.

Beside the Linux kernel 3.5.6, there will be only one release before the support for the 3.5.x branch is terminated.

“Note, there will probably only be one more 3.5.y kernel release, please move to the 3.6 kernel branch at this time. All users of the 3.5 kernel series must upgrade,” stated Greg Kroah-Hartman.

Highlights of Linux kernel 3.5.6:

• TIAO USB Multi-Protocol Adapter (TUMPA) support has been added;

• Autoresize handling in R/O mode has been fixed;

• p6 nops, on non-modular kernels, has been fixed;

• Reading of init string has been repaired;

• A config length field overflow has been fixed;

• Pantech vendor class match has been added;

• A softlockup regression for SCSI, on hot remove, has been fixed;

• double-free on an error path, in core dumper, has been prevented;

• Correct baud_base for EXSYS EX-41092 Dual 16950 has been set;

• Missing attributes to EFI variable attribute print out from sysfs have been added;

• The PCI config space, after an FLR, has been restored;

• XHCI suspend timeout has been increased to 16ms;

• Interlocking for gsm_data_lock, for certain code paths, has been added;

• A memory leak in uplink error path has been fixed.

A complete list of changes and fixes can be found in the official mailing list.

“I'm announcing the release of the 3.5.6 kernel. All users of the 3.5 kernel series must upgrade.”

“The updated 3.5.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-3.5.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:;a=summary” said Greg KH in the email announcement.

Users of the Linux kernel 3.5.x branch are urged to update as soon as possible to the new version, preferably to the 3.6 branch.

Download Linux kernel 3.5.6 right now from Softpedia.

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