Linux Kernel 3.3 Has Support for Android

Also includes lots of network and Btrfs improvements!

After seven release candidates, Linus Torvalds proudly announced a few hours ago, March 18th, the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.3, which now includes code from the Android project.

Among the new features incorporated in Linux kernel 3.3 we can mention support for the TI C6X architecture, the ability to restripe between various RAID profiles in Btrfs, as well as many network improvements.

"Things did indeed calm down during the last week, and the shortlog looks pretty boring. The diffstat from -rc7 is dominated by the arch/tile defconfig changes, the rest is pretty small, although there are changes spread out in various subsystem s(drivers, filesystem, networking, perf tools)."

"And obviously, the 3.3 release means that the merge window for 3.4 is now open, although I may keep of pulling stuff for a day or so to encourage people to test the actual release." - said Linus Torvalds in the announcement.


Highlights of Linux Kernel 3.3:

· Support for Android;

· Improved balancing for Btrfs;

· Improved debugging tools for Btrfs;

· Restriping between different RAID levels for Btrfs;

· Open vSwitch, a multilayer network switch.;

· Better bonding of network interfaces: teaming;

· Bufferbloat fighting: Byte queue limits;

· Per-cgroup TCP buffer limits;

· Network priority control group;

· Better Ext4 online resizing;

· Support for the TI C6X architecture;

· Support for EFI boot.

Linux kernel 3.3 also comes with many improvements in various areas, such as memory management fixes, improvements of FUSE, NFSD and GFS2 filesystems, KVM and Xen improvements, and much more.

As usual, the above are just a few of the new features presented in Linux kernel 3.3. For a complete list of all the newly added drivers, newly supported devices, and other improvements, do not hesitate to view the official changelog and the Linux kernel 3.3 DriverArch page.

Download Linux kernel 3.3 right now from Softpedia.

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