Linux Kernel 3.2.38 LTS Released with New Drivers

Another stable branch of the Linux kernel is now available for download

Ben Hutchings announced yesterday, February 6, the immediate availability for download of Linux kernel 3.2.38.

Linux kernel 3.2.38 brings a lot of various fixes, as well as driver improvements, network fixes, not to mention support for various devices.

Highlights of Linux kernel 3.2.38 LTS:

• Identifiers for the ASM106x devices have been added;

• A buffer overflow which occurred when calling log_prefix function from call_console_drivers, has been fixed;

• A stack corruption in xen_failsafe_callback for 32bit PVOPS guests has been fixed;

• Ensure enough delay time for max8998_set_voltage_buck_time_sel;

• The network interface has been blacklisted on ONDA MT8205 4G LTE;

• TP-LINK HSUPA Modem MA180, Telekom Speedstick LTE II drivers have been added;

• Only increment the user-pin-count after successfully pinning the bo;

• GFX_MODE Flush TLB Invalidate Mode must be '1' for scanline waits;

• An invalid length check has been fixed for RME and other UAC 2 devices;

• Allow pcie_aspm=force even when FADT indicates it is unsupported;

• Revert "ALSA: hda - Shut up pins at power-saving mode with Conexnat codecs";

• Support for "PSC Scanning, Magellan 800i" has been added;

• Calibration issues on chainmask that don't include chain 0 have been fixed;

• The chain swap setting when setting rx chainmask to 5 has been fixed;

• Force rn50 chip to always report connected on analog output.

A complete list of changes and fixes can be found in the official mailing list.

“I'm announcing the release of the 3.2.38 kernel. All users of the 3.2 kernel series should upgrade or risk being turned into pumpkins.”

“The updated 3.2.y git tree can be found at: git:// linux-3.2.y and can be browsed at the normal git web browser:,” said Ben Hutchings in the email announcement.

Users of the Linux kernel 3.2.x branch are urged to update to the new version as soon as possible.

Download Linux kernel 3.2.38 right now from Softpedia.

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