Linux Kernel 2.6.30 Is Out, Includes the NILFS2 Filesystem

Fastboot, IEEE 802.11w support, Tomoyo and many more...

Today (June 10th), Linus Torvalds, the father of Linux, has announced the immediate availability of Linux kernel 2.6.30, a version that brings initial support for the log-structured NILFS2 filesystem, the POHMELFS distributed network filesystems, the RDS protocol, and the Microblaze CPU architecture. It also includes preliminary support for NFS 4.1 and IEEE 802.11w. Moreover, Linux kernel 2.6.30 comes with DRM support for the Radeon R6xx/R7xx video cards, the Tomoyo security module, faster boot-up support by asynchronously scanning the partitions and devices, ability to switch between the RAID5/6 modes, new drivers and many more. Ohh, and... starting with the next version, Linux kernel 2.6.31, we (Linux users) will be the first to have official support for the new USB 3.0, in September 2009.

Highlights of Linux Kernel 2.6.30:

· NILFS2 filesystem

· Parallel Optimized Host Message Exchange Layered File System

· Distributed Network Storage

· Support for the RDS (Reliable Datagram Sockets) protocol

· Fastboot

· Support for IEEE 802.11w

· pwritev()/preadv() system calls

· EXOFS filesystem

· Initial support for NFS 4.1

· FS-Cache filesystem

· Tomoyo

· Performance improvements to the supported filesystems

· LZMA and BZIP2 compression support for the kernel image

· Support for the Microblaze CPU architecture

· Integrity Management Architecture

And now, let's have a look at some of the new major drivers and the newly supported devices introduced in this release:


· ATAPI device support

· FIP support

· Cisco PCI-Express FCoE HBA driver

· DIX/DIF support

· Support for 6G controller


· Driver for AD7877 Touchscreen

· Driver for AD7879 Touchscreen

· Maple mouse support

· Support for Marvell Zylonite accelerated touchscreen


· Atheros AR9170 driver

· Atmel at76c503/at76c505/at76c505a USB card driver

· Marvell 88W8xxx TOPDOG PCI/PCIe Wireless driver

· Neterion X3100 Series 10GbE PCIe driver

· Prism54 SPI driver

· Intel 82576 Virtual Function Ethernet driver

· Opencores 10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC driver

· KX/KX4 support

· QT2025C PHY support

· Intel Wifi Link 100 Series support

· 82552 10/100 adapter support

· Freescale MX27 support

· Marvell 88E6095/6095F switch chip support


· Atmel AC97 controller driver

· Atmel Audio Bitstream DAC driver

· Turtle Beach Multisound Pinnacle/Classic driver

· Initial support for Toshiba SB-0500

· Conexant CX20468-31 patch

· Removed sa11xx-uda1341 driver

· Support for Xonar Essence STX

· WM8400 CODEC driver

· Mitac mioa701 driver

· Toshiba e750 driver

· Toshiba e800 driver

· Toshiba e740 support

· WM9705 AC97 driver


· Driver for Qualcomm Wireless Modem

· DaVinci dm355 partial support


· Driver for LM95241

· Driver for LTC4215

· Driver for sht15 humidity sensor

· Support for Asus ATK0110

· GMT G760A fan speed PWM controller support

· W83667HG support


· ST STV0900 Dual Demodulator driver

· Zarlink ZL10036 DVB-S tuner driver

· ST STV6110 silicon tuner driver

· LG Electronics LGDT3305 ATSC/QAM-B Demodulator driver

· Freescale MC44S803 tuner driver

· Sony PlayTV support in the dibcom driver

· Driver for cx231xx USB

· Intel CE6230 DVB-T USB2.0 driver

· MX1 camera driver

· Aiptek DV T300 support

· Kaiomy TVnPC U2 stick support

· Easy Cap Capture DC-60 support

· AVerMedia Cardbus Hybrid remote control support

· ST LNBH24 LNB power controller support

· NetUP Dual DVB-S2 CI card support

· DVBWorld DVBS2 PCI-e 2005 support

· Turbosight TBS6920 DVB-S2 PCI-e card support

· The Avermedia A700 cards received DVB support

· Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1120 received support for Digital TV

· Hauppauge ATSC Minicard support

· Yuan MC770 DVB-T support

· Terratec Cinergy HT PCI MKII support

· Intel CE6231 and Intel CE6230 support

· Support for tda9875

· Syntek camera support

· Alcor Micro AU3820 support

· LGS8913/LGS8GXX/LGS8GL5 China DMB-TH support

These are just a few of the new drivers available in the Linux kernel 2.6.30. For a complete list of all the newly supported devices, newly added drivers, etc., please go here.

You can download the 2.6.30 Linux kernel sources right now from Softpedia.

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