Linpus Lite Desktop Edition 1.9 Available for Download

The distribution is still based on Gnome 2, just like its predecessors

By on February 8th, 2013 16:26 GMT

Linpus Lite Desktop Edition 1.9, a commercial Fedora-based distribution developed by Linpus Technologies, has been announced.

This latest version of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition is based on GNOME 3.2 and comes with a lot of enhancements in terms of productivity, entertainment, and social features.

Highlights of Linpus Lite Desktop Edition 1.9:

• Touch pad finger support has been expanded;
• The OS now updates your email, apps, and social networks even when your computer is asleep;
• Today panel with useful HTML5-based widgets has been implemented;
• The boot time takes only 15 seconds;
• Smart icon support and notifications has been implemented (real-time weather, patches and upgrades, new app versions, email, messages, detachable media, and smart connect);
• A Quick launch panel for fast network and screen configuration is now available.

A complete changelog can be found in the official announcement.

Download Linpus Lite Desktop Edition 1.9
right now from Softpedia.