Linpus Lite 2.1 Looks a Little like Linux and More like Windows Vista

A new version of this Linpus Lite distro is now available for download

Taiwanese company Linpus Technologies Inc. has announced that its new Linpus Lite 2.1 operating system has been released, featuring a wealth of features and improvements.

The Linpus Lite updates are pretty few and far between, and its developers are not hurrying to make major modifications from one version to another, trying to keep the distribution as stable as possible.

Linpus Lite might sound familiar to a lot of users out there, but most likely the majority of you never actually installed it on your own volition. This particular OS is being shipped with OEM PCs and various notebooks. The developer brags a little about its reach, but it's probably a lot more popular in Asia than in Europe and the US.

“Linpus Lite is an extremely powerful yet versatile desktop, notebook, and hybrid Linux operating system. It is also one of the most successful Linux OSes in the field of bundling with OEMs, over the last five years being the operating system of choice of most of the commercial notebook and netbook shipments of Linux,” said the developers from Linpus Technologies Inc. in the official announcement.

One of the biggest changes that will surely be noticed by the users accustomed to the old version of Linpus Lite is the app launcher that has been written in HTML 5 and that has been constructed specially to cater to touchscreen actions.

The developers also improved the power saving, a critical area when it comes to notebooks, netbooks, and other devices that are dependent on battery power. It seems that they managed to increase the battery life 15%, if we compare it with the previous Linupus editions.

The boot time, a feature that doesn't really affect a large number of users but that bodes well for any distro, has been improved and the total time has been reduced by approximately four seconds.

Even the installation is now a lot quicker, if you choose to install this from a USB stick. Users should be ready with the new Linux distribution in about six minutes, which is actually a very good time.

The application center has been improved and a very important feature has been integrated. Users will now receive any system update through the app center, making the entire process a lot smoother.

Also, the dual boot issues with Windows 8 UEFI have been resolved and the OS should have no problem installing on systems with UEFI.

Check the official announcement for more details about this release. You can also download the latest version of Linpus Lite 2.1 right now from Softpedia and give it a go.

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