Lingerie Thief's Tattoo Gets Him Caught, Man Dons Last Name on His Back

CCTV cameras captured the Iowa man prancing around the store with no clothes on

A male lingerie thief got caught because he had his last name tattooed on his back, and a prior record of criminal offenses. The tattoo was visible on CCTV because he took his clothes off in the store.

According to Quad City Times, 24-year-old Jose Angel Perales Jr. broke into the Dr. John’s Lingerie Boutique in Muscatine, Davenport in Iowa. The burglary took place at approximately 4.10 a.m. on February 17.

As nobody was in the store at the time, Perales was free to prance around the shop, picking out his favorite outfits.

When he first entered the facility, he headed for the manager's office first. He was able to get inside by using a door left unlocked.

After completely taking his clothes off in the office, he exited and started walking around the store. He allegedly spent two hours choosing women's lingerie and apparel, Daily Mail adds.

At the end of the “shopping spree,” he put on a blonde wig and a dress from the shop and walked out of there with a bag of other products.

Security cameras captured the nighttime shopping session on tape, and police noticed he had a tattoo of his last name on his back. “Perales” was drawn on his skin in old English lettering.

They inputted the information about the tattoo and the burglar's appearance in Iowa’s mug shot system and got a hit. An affidavit reveals that the stolen merchandise was recovered during a search of his residence.

They charged Perales with third-degree burglary and third-degree theft. He was detained on Friday and held at Scott County Jail until paying bail.

Perales faces a five-year maximum sentence for Class D felony burglary and up to two years in jail for third-degree theft.

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