Linear Revolving Door Checks for Guns or Bombs

The device checks for hidden weapons as people try to enter a facility

One of the craziest products I have heard of this week is a revolving door made especially to catch gunmen and mad bombers.

The “Linear Revolving Door,” or LRD, is made by a company called Barbecan. According to Gizmodo, their doors lock any passer-by in a small cell before they let him or her on the other side.

While whoever crosses is trapped in a small cell, the device checks for hidden weapons. Should it find any, it locks whomever is carrying them inside.

If programmed to do so, it can even push that person back outside. This device was created for high-risk areas but, nowadays, it's increasingly hard to decide what those are.

Last month, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting proved that as 20 children died at the hands of a 20-year-old man using his mother's weapons.

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