Lindsey Vonn Waits One Hour in Tiger Woods’ Car to Avoid Running into Elin Nordegren

They’ve gone public with their romance but not fully yet

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods went Facebook official with their romance the other day but, apparently, they’re not yet ready to go fully public. Vonn waited for an hour in Tiger’s car to avoid running into his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

Of course, chances are it wasn’t just her she was trying to avoid: reports online note that Tiger and Elin were at a soccer game in which their 5-year-old daughter Sam was playing, so chances are this was the main reason why he opted not to parade his new girlfriend around.

The Daily Mail insists that Vonn was loath to run into Elin, whose bitter divorce from Tiger a while back marked one of the most scandalous splits ever in celebrity world and sports.

“Tthe Olympic skier chanced a face-to-face meeting with the champion golfer's ex-wife Elin Nordegren at the former couple's daughter Samantha's junior baseball game,” the British tab writes.

“But a devoted Vonn avoided the awkward encounter by reportedly sitting in Tiger's car for an hour while he watched Samantha, five, play ball,” adds the same publication, noting that Lindsey’s crutches, which she has to wear because of a very bad fall on the slope earlier this year, were on the back seat of Tiger’s car.

In fact, this is the only indication that she was even there.

“The downhill skiing champion most likely stayed in Woods's black Mercedes rather than risk an encounter with Woods' ex-wife Elin, who was also watching the event – though Woods and Elin sat at opposites ends of the stadium,” the Mail further says.

As we also reported the other day, Lindsey and Tiger have finally admitted to dating after months of speculation in this sense.

In statements on their respective Facebook pages, they stressed that they started off as good friends and that the relationship soon evolved into a romantic one.

They also stressed that they would try to have as normal a relationship as possible, by avoiding to talk to the press about it.

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