Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter Account Hacked, Hitler Tweet Posted

The actress regained access to her account and removed the message

The official Twitter account of famous actress and star of the movie “Liz & Dick,” Lindsay Lohan, has been hacked.

Unlike other cases in which the attackers attempted to advertise all sorts of malicious links, in this case, the hacker simply posted this: “How does Hitler tie his shoes? from @oatmeal.”

Shortly after, the celebrity removed the Hitler message and provided an explanation for it.

“My twitter was hacked, please ignore the last tweet,” Lohan wrote.

Before the tweet mentioning Hitler, this message was posted on the Hollywood celebrity’s account: “WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane (i'm calling it Sally)..? Stop projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace.”

Some of her fans wondered if this was also the work of the hacker, but it turned out it wasn’t, since this and all the related tweets remained on her profile. However, some followers noted that the “idiotic tweet” might have had something to do with the hack attack.

As many of her followers highlighted, hopefully she changed her password. Otherwise, we can expect to see more Hitler tweets.

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