Lindsay Lohan's SNL Gig Is Ratings Gold

Episode was second most watched of the entire season, figures show

Her performance might have been panned by critics but, at the end of the day, Lindsay Lohan is laughing all the way to the bank. Her stint on Saturday Night Live translated into the second biggest ratings for the season.

While critics picked apart her performance for being too predictable, bland and unfunny, viewers at home either felt the same way or they were just curious to see how she'd do.

The bottom line is that Lindsay's SNL gig was ratings gold for the network, AceShowbiz reports.

“Despite criticisms over her Saturday Night Live performance, Lindsay Lohan delivered big ratings for the show. The March 3 edition hosted by the 'Labor Pains' starlet drew a 5.5 overnight household rating,” the celebrity e-zine says, citing official figures.

In other words, LiLo slayed it.

“It marked the show's highest-scoring regular performance of the season. It only placed behind a January 7 episode hosted by Charles Barkley, which was boosted by a primetime NFL Wild Card playoff game earlier in the evening,” AceShowbiz further reports.

In the end, ratings are what counts, one could say.

Lindsay herself feels she did a good job as host of the show, so she's choosing to ignore all those nasty reviews we were also telling you of earlier today.

TMZ spoke to sources close to the actress and they vouch she feels “proud” of the work she's achieved over the weekend.

She also knows that some people would say negative things of her work no matter what, but she's at peace knowing she did her very best to make it a great show.

“Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she understands it wasn't a perfect show, but she feels proud of the episode. We're told there were several last minute changes – including ditching her singing monologue in favor of one with cameos from Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm,” TMZ writes.

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