Lindsay Lohan’s Movie “The Canyons” Rejected by SXSW

Project has significant quality issues, film festival refuses to include it for screening

Lindsay Lohan’s acting career isn’t going anywhere, by the looks of things. After the Lifetime biopic “Liz and Dick” fell flat with audiences and even flatter with critics, her brand new film, “The Canyons,” is being rejected by some of the biggest film festivals in the US.

After Sundance turned it down, “The Canyons” is now being shut down by SXSW, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Official word on this is still pending, but THR says it has it on good authority that the reason for the refusal was the fact that it suffers from major “quality issues.”

“It’s got an ugliness and a deadness to it,” a festival insider says.

Considering that some of the films screened at both Sundance and SXSW aren’t exactly what you’d call mainstream as regards both topic and approach, this must mean that “The Canyons” is really, really bad.

Above is a trailer for it. It certainly doesn’t look like something I’d want to see – nay, pay money to see.

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