Lindsay Lohan’s Baby Brother Born: Landon Major Lohan

Michael Lohan and Kate Major welcome their first child together

Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, has just become a daddy again. He and Kate Major have welcomed their first child together just hours ago – and he’s in perfect health, it has emerged.

Lohan and Kate have had a very turbulent and intensely mediated relationship, which included everything from public reconciliations to arrests and domestic violence allegations.

Nonetheless, the two are now the proud parents of a baby boy they named Landon Major Lohan, TMZ reports.

“While Lindsay was sweatin' it out in court, Kate Major went into labor at a Florida hospital. We're told Kate gave birth to a son – Landon Major Lohan – at 11:39 AM PT,” the celebrity publication reports.

The baby is in perfect health, and both he and the mother are now under care but doing great.

“We're told Michael was with Kate the entire time... and even cut the umbilical cord,” the aforementioned e-zine says.

Before Lindsay was even the controversial actress tabloid fixture she is today, Michael was married to her mother, Dina Lohan.

The two went through a very nasty divorce and are still not seeing eye to eye, every once in a while talking to the media about their troubled time together, which also included episodes of domestic violence, vicious fights and neglect.

Michael served time in prison for fraud, but he’d already drifted apart from Lindsay and her siblings by the time he went to jail.

He and his most famous daughter, Lindsay, tried to patch things up on several occasions after he got out, but nothing concrete ever came out of the attempts.

For the past couple of years or so, Michael has been keeping busy: every time Lindsay does something bad and makes headlines, he’s quick to issue a statement or give an interview to say whatever problems she has are because her mother Dina is a terrible parent.

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