Lindsay Lohan Won’t Let Her Alleged Attacker “Get Away with It”

Star has been telling friends she won’t let recent incident go unpunished

Earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan made headlines again, after she was allegedly attacked by a man in her hotel room. Police have determined there isn’t enough evidence to send him to court, but Lindsay doesn’t want to let him “get away with it.”

As we also reported at the time, Lindsay told cops that she’d picked up the man, Christian LaBella, at a club earlier in the evening, and invited him over to her hotel room to party with her and her friends.

At one point, she noticed he was taking her picture, so she demanded she see the pics he had already snapped of her, which is when he attacked her.

Police have already determined there isn’t enough evidence of an attack to have LaBella prosecuted, but Lindsay won’t let it rest.

“He isn’t going to get away with this,” Lindsay tells PageSix of the incident.

“I’m in shock and it was a really scary situation,” she adds.

“Sources tell us Lohan is asking for witnesses to make statements to the police. Meanwhile, LaBella has been left fearing for his job as an aide to Republican Illinois Rep. John Shimkus,” PageSix further reports.

In a statement to the same media outlet, LaBelle’s uncle, Peter Jessop, stresses the ridiculousness of the situation, especially since the guy did nothing wrong.

“He doesn’t deserve this. It’s amazing that her mom said, ‘Thank God he didn’t have a weapon’ – of course he didn’t have a weapon. He’s a good kid, he’s worked for two congressmen,” Jessop says.

“He just went to New York for the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t cost him his job. He is in shock about how the media has twisted this story,” he adds.

Radar Online, on the other hand, claims that Lindsay has been acting paranoid for quite some time now. On one particular occasion, she snapped at some girls in a club and forced them to let her rummage through their personal stuff on their phone because she thought they’d been taking pictures of her.

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