Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail

She will probably get out in minutes, but will have to be on her best behavior for longer

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. Just hours ago, a judge ruled that she had violated her probation by not doing community work as mandated for a previous offense, and she got 30 days in jail, plus another 270 days of probation.

TMZ covered the case. Its sister website, TooFab, reports that Lohan had to choose between 300 days in jail, or just 30 days in prison and another 270 days on strict probation, which includes community work at the morgue.

She obviously chose the latter, promising the judge she would do her best to complete her sentence and put all these legal issues in the past.

If Lindsay doesn't comply with the terms of her new probation just once, she will have it revoked, get no credit for time already served, and will be send to jail for 270 days.

“Lindsay Lohan’s got one week of freedom – until she has to turn herself into jail for a 30-day sentence,” TooFab reports.

The judge gave the star one week to turn herself in because she told the court she hadn't yet finished shooting for Playboy and she would be liable for contract violation if she didn't wrap up the shoot over the next week.

“Lindsay waived her right to a hearing with live witnesses in court this morning, and admitted violating her probation – by failing to obey all the orders of the court,” the e-zine says.

“She admitted she failed to complete the required community service and psychotherapy sessions ordered by the judge at her last hearing,” the report adds.

By November 9, Lindsay will have to turn herself in to do 30 days. However, she will most likely be out in a matter of minutes because of overcrowding.

“Misdemeanor inmates only serve 20% of the actual sentence because of overcrowding. But the 2 officials we spoke with today say, because of overcrowding they immediately release inmates sentenced to less than 90 days,” TMZ writes.

Below is video of Lindsay Lohan in court, being sentenced for parole violation.

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