Lindsay Lohan Makes Surprise Appearance on Jimmy Fallon – Video

LiLo kicks off promo trail with Let Us Play with Your Look segment

Lindsay Lohan wasn’t comfortable sitting down for an interview with Barbara Walters for the 20/20 segment but that’s not stopping her from doing other shows to promote her new film, Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick” biopic.

Take, for instance, her surprise appearance on Jimmy Fallon, on a segment he calls Let Us Play with Your Look.

The video is above in full.

Fallon is one immensely funny guy but, for me, he simply doesn’t do it here. And it’s not just him: the entire sketch seems forced, dragged out and not even that funny.

It could be just me, but Lindsay’s appearance didn’t contribute to it at all either.

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be making her big acting comeback on the Elizabeth Taylor biopic produced and aired by Lifetime this month. She’ll be making more promo appearances in the following days, including on Jay Leno.

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