Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Get Back with Samantha Ronson

Report claims star is still convinced she's the right woman for ex-girlfriend Sam

Two years ago, one of the most mediated, talked about and flammable couples in showbiz put an end to their romance: celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson dumped her girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. Now, Lindsay wants Sam back, says a new report.

After the 2009 split that left her, as per her own words, incredibly heartbroken, desperate, disillusioned and disappointed, Lindsay tried at least once to win Samantha back, if one is to believe reports in the press.

None of her efforts paid off, though, and she continued living knowing that Sam was the right woman for her – and vice versa.

Now that she's in the clear from a legal standpoint, with her probation coming to an end, Lindsay wants to get her life back on track, starting from her career to her personal life.

To make the latter happen, she's thinking of getting back with Sam, the latest print issue of Star Magazine (story via CB) claims.

“Old habits die hard for Lindsay Lohan. The 25-year-old, whose probation has just ended, is determined to win back ex Samantha Ronson, 34, a source tells Star,” the tab writes.

The source says that Lindsay is now convinced, more than ever, that only Samantha can make her happy, having tried to make other relationships work since the nasty breakup.

“Lindsay has been asking Sam for another chance for months. She’s dated a few guys, but nothing has worked out,” an unnamed but admittedly reliable spy says.

Thinking back to the early days of the romance, long before their arguments would get so violent they would require police interventions to settle, Lindsay is “longing for the stability and comfort her relationship with Sam gave her,” Star continues.

She believes said stability is what she needs the most right now, as she's getting ready to build a new life for herself.

“Lindsay’s convinced Sam is the perfect partner for her,” the source stresses.

Whether Sam feels the same is yet to be determined but, considering that she chose to end the romance because of Lindsay's obvious issues, chances are she might not be so quick to get back with her.

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