Lindsay Lohan Is Reformed, Won't Party on New Year's Eve

Reports claim star is turning down offers for big parties, wants to prove she's changed

While Kim Kardashian is reportedly making a small fortune for hosting a party in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, other celebrities are either not that in demand or, in the case of Lindsay Lohan, not interested in being away from home when the ball drops.

Fresh reports claim that interest in the legally troubled star is picking up, mostly thanks to her much mediated spread in Playboy.

As such, she's being offered serious money to host parties on the big night of the year and, word has it, she doesn't even have to be in attendance for more than a couple of hours to get paid.

Even so, Lindsay is determined to ring in the New Year at home. Part of the reason for that is that she doesn't want to cast a shadow on the progress she's already made on probation.

She's also bent on proving the world that she's not the same party girl of a couple of years ago and that she's learning from her mistakes, TMZ reports.

“Lindsay Lohan is adamant there's no way in hell she's gonna blow the progress she's made with her judge just to count backwards from ten,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

“She's gotten a bunch of offers to host various ragers on NYE but she's turned down every last one. We're told Lindsay is desperately trying to change her party girl image… and she feels staying out of the NYE madness is a major step in the right direction,” TMZ further says.

“Lohan's decision is a costly one – some stars have raked in 6-figure checks for partying on New Year's Eve. But we're told Lindsay – who received high marks from her just earlier this month – doesn't think a check would be worth it,” adds the publication.

However, different reports now making the rounds online claim that there is a price to put Lindsay's determination to change her party girl image.

She and countless other celebrities will ring in 2012 on board the luxury cruise ship QE2, which will be docked in Dubai for the festivities, word has it.

Other voices online claim that Lindsay will definitely party away from home: she just doesn't the media to know about it.

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