Lindsay Lohan Fuming Mad over “Scary Movie 5” Trailer

She did not approve the scene in which she makes fun of herself, says report

The first official trailer for the upcoming “Scary Movie 5” came out a few days ago but there’s one person who is clearly not amused by it – and she happens to be in the film too: Lindsay Lohan.

First of all, check out the trailer above. I don’t find it in the least amusing, except perhaps for Charlie Sheen’s bit.

At one point, Lindsay is looking at news coverage of her highly mediated trial and she’s screaming her head off. TMZ is saying that this part was added in post-production and she never agreed to it.

“The working script of ‘SM 5’ contains a scene where LiLo screams bloody murder — and it’s revealed she’s just watching her film ‘Herbie: Full Loaded.’ But the new trailer shows LiLo screaming at a fake news clip of her probation being revoked instead. We’re told the change was NEVER cleared by LiLo,” TMZ writes.

“According to our sources, producers assured Lindsay she’d have the final say on what jokes went in… so she was livid when she saw the probation joke instead,” adds the same media outlet.

Of course, if you’d ask many of her former fans, Lindsay should probably just be happy she’s still getting work offers even if it’s only roles that require her to play herself.

At this point and considering how badly “Liz & Dick” did, perhaps any kind of exposure is better than no exposure at all.

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