Lindsay Lohan Falls Outside NYC Bar, Insists She’s Not Drinking

Lindsay Lohan and a handful of friends went bar-hopping in New York City the other night, with the actress ending up at one point on all fours on the pavement. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s fallen off the wagon and is drinking again.

The Daily Mail (which also has plenty of photos of Lindsay’s fall) reports that the star went to NYC to spent some time with friends and probably to look for an apartment to rent, as she’s made up her mind to leave LA and move there.

Outside The Cabin Down Below bar, where she and her friends had been partying, Lindsay fell to the ground, as the photo attached to this article will also confirm.

Based on photos now circulating online, people are already saying that she must have been drunk or high to lose her balance and take a fall like that.

However, bar-hopping and falling have nothing to do with being drunk, Lindsay argues, taking to her Twitter to defend herself.

“Is it not allowed to slip and fall? im always a klutz!!!” she initially tweeted, implying that the high platform shoes she had on may have had something to do with her tripping.

Later, she tweeted again, suggesting that the entire thing was nothing but a joke that, of course, got twisted in the media and made into something else.

“funny how making a joke can turn into.... well, me falling and a story.. #twisted,” Lindsay wrote.

TMZ reached out to her for comment on the photos (which, in all honesty, do paint an unfavorable picture of her) – and she’s denying alcohol was a factor.

“I was NOT drinking, nor do I drink! I was with my brother, sister and friends. I was making a joke. They’re trying to make something out of nothing,” the actress says.

“Just because I’m out doesn’t mean I’m drinking,” Lindsay stresses.

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