Lindsay Lohan Explains Drastic Weigh Loss as ‘Unintentional’

Actress says she’s just been working too hard

Reports about a possible eating disorder plaguing actress Lindsay Lohan have been making the rounds a lot over the past months. While her rep denied all of them, it was never enough to make the rumor mill stop. Now, it’s Lindsay herself who’s addressing the weight loss rumors, saying that, if she did lose some pounds, it was “unintentional” and clearly a result of too much stress and of overworking herself.

Speaking with Us Magazine during the New York Fashion Week, the actress blamed her recent drastic weight loss on exhaustion, not getting enough sleep and work, thus infirming previous reports that had it that she was doing it on purpose because her lover Samantha Ronson did not like “fat people.” Moreover, Lindsay maintains, people and the tabloids can say whatever they want about her, that is still not going to change who she really is.

“I eat. I had my Big Mac yesterday from McDonald’s. I eat just as much as I always have.” Lohan explains, directly addressing rumors that she lives solely on cigarettes and Red Bulls. “I’ve never weighed myself in life. They [the media] have already said everything about me that they can say. And I’ve never really cared then. I’m my own person, and people can say whatever they want. I’m still going to be the person that I am.” Lindsay points out.

As for her troubled past, here too Lindsay seems to have made some sort of peace with herself, from what she’s revealing. Perfection is not only unattainable, but also the most certain way of heading towards insanity, she argues. Therefore, she has learned from her past mistakes and is now ready to move on – the only thing that’s stopping her from doing so being, according to her own admission, the fact that the media is unwilling to forget and let sleeping dogs lie.

“People have their ups and downs. Kids in college get DUIs. Everyone goes through something, and everyone can relate to something. I think that I don’t ever want to pretend to be something that I’m not. I’m not perfect; nobody is perfect. If you try to be perfect, you’ll probably go crazy. But you should always accept yourself for who you are. And that’s what I’ve done, and I’m happy.” Lindsay concludes by saying.

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