Lindsay Lohan Does Jay Leno – Video

Actress talks Barbara Walters cancelation, Thanksgiving and her dad’s love child

Barbara Walters said she was very “disappointed” in Lindsay Lohan for canceling an interview they’d scheduled months before, but LiLo isn’t letting that stop her from promoting her new Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick.”

Embedded in this blog post are three videos from her appearance on Jay Leno last night, when she also talked about canceling the interview with Walters.

While there, Lindsay also talked about how she’s going to spend Thanksgiving and her father’s love child, whose existence was confirmed last week on – where else? – a TV show.

The first video above is of the intro Lindsay shot for the show.

Even though she’s really trying to make this work and to promote the biopic properly, the critics have long spoken and chances are she did not like what they had to say: “Liz & Dick” is garbage.

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