Limit Theory, an Infinite Space Exploration Game, Is Coming to Linux

The developer has managed to raise enough money on Kickstarter

Limit Theory is an RPG, RTS, and sandbox space-exploration game all-in-one that will try to fit into what seems to be a crowded market already.

The rate at which space-themed games have been released in the past years has declined constantly, but all of a sudden there are a lot of people developing these kinds of games and all are promising to launch in pretty much the same time frame.

Limit Theory promises a lot, if we let ourselves to be governed by the gameplay trailers. Probably the most interesting feature, by far, is the procedural generated universe.

What exactly does procedural generated mean? We've seen this kind of feature in other titles and the developer of Limit Theory is not the first to implement it.

In essence, the game engine will build and populate the Limit Theory's universe when the game is first started or when a loading procedure is required. This means that no two players will have the same levels, solar systems, or even universes.

Moreover, the developer has also proudly explained that the game will be infinite. In theory, a player will be able to continue to push forward, through an unlimited number of solar systems and locations, without having to see the same level twice.

Unlike some of the other competitors announced in the last few months, like Elite: Dangerous and Squadron 45, the players will be able to manipulate the game from several different perspectives, including third person and RTS.

The RTS mechanic will be activated when the player has multiple ships and another type of gameplay is required.

The best news about this game is that the developer has managed to gather sufficient money, and then some. The Linux port has been assured and the game should arrive on this platform in early 2014.

If you are interested in the project and you want to back it up, check out the official Kickstater website.

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