Limit Theory Could Rival Elite: Dangerous, Has RPG and RTS Elements

The game will give players free reign over an entire galaxy

Elite: Dangerous is the high profile space sim currently seeking funding from Kickstarter. However, a much smaller project, called Limit Theory, might offer competition while also adding a number of new ideas to the core concept.

Limit Theory is a game developed by Josh Parnell and which promises to take the core elements of the space simulation genre and add the character progression from role playing and the buildings and management options that we usually associate with strategy games.

The official description from Kickstarter reads: “Experience a rich variety of interactions with an artificial intelligence that actively explores, trades, works, and lives just as you do. Just because the game is single player doesn't mean you'll be alone. Take jobs, strike deals, and become friends with the inhabitants of the universe.”

Parnell says that he has managed to create an algorithm that will basically make Limit Theory infinite, with the player able to stick to the same career and continue to play through new game content.

The game will not introduce an actual campaign narrative because the developer wants to allow the player to determine his own faith in the game and what role he is interested in playing based on the situation that he meets inside the game universe.

From lowly origins and just one ship, a player who is successful can basically create an empire, create outposts and buildings and manage fleets in order to ensure his own supremacy.

Limit Theory also includes a variety of customization options for the various ships and fleets the player is able to use.

Parnell says that he wants to get Limit Theory out in early 2014 and he has already managed to surpass the goal he has set for his Kickstarter funding.

Take a look at the tactical interface that Limit Theory is offering:

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