Lily: Adorable Baby Elephant Greets Visitors to the Oregon Zoo

The elephant calf was born about two weeks ago, made her public debut on Friday

Visitors to the Oregon Zoo can now feast their eyes on an elephant calf named Lily, which was born here roughly two weeks ago and which only stepped out to greet the public this past Friday.

In order to make sure having this many people around would not stress Lily, zoo keepers went through the trouble of putting together a viewing gallery, sources report.

Thus, Lily can only be admired by as many as 30 people at a time. As well as this, no group of visitors is allowed to spend more than five minutes in the gallery.

Needless to say, using cameras to take flash pictures of this elephant calf is off limits, and people are asked to keep quiet.

Lily's mother, Rose-Tu, gave birth to Lily after a pregnancy that lasted 21 months.

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