Lillie McCloud Moves Judges to Tears on X Factor US – Video

54-year-old soul singing sensation is easily the best performer of first show

X Factor US is back for a third season and, no matter what Simon Cowell is saying, this time, there’s no room for failure / disappointing ratings. The first auditions episode, which aired last night, included what is perhaps one of the most solid performances of all three seasons, so there’s hope yet for the show.

Check it out in full above.

That leather-clad vixen you’re seeing is Lillie McCloud and, believe it or not, she’s a 54-year-old grandmother. She’s been dreaming of a career in music since she can remember and, suffice it to say, she has the right attitude, telling the judges she “came here to win.”

Lillie’s choice for a song was the little known gospel ballad “Alabaster Box” performed by Cece Winans.

As judge Kelly Rowland tells her at the end, she managed to make every member of the audience really feel it even though they weren’t familiar with it.

Demi Lovato was even more generous in her praise, comparing her to the late Whitney Houston.

All four judges, including the usually mean Cowell and new addition Paulina Rubio, were moved to tears by the performance, as also were the fans in the audience.

Without exaggeration, Lillie is one competitor to keep an eye on.

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