Lil Wayne Scolded by Judge for Acting Unreasonably, Childishly

Rapper won’t appear in court in ongoing lawsuit, video of deposition will be played

After suffering at least one (but reportedly two) seizure in mid-flight and being rushed to the hospital, Lil Wayne reassured fans that he was doing ok at home. As it turns out, he’s not ok enough to appear in court in an ongoing lawsuit.

As we also informed you several times in previous articles, Lil Wayne is duking it out in court with Quincy Jones III and a documentary he shot about the rapper recording his latest album.

Though he initially agreed to allow cameras to follow him around as he worked on “Tha Carter III,” the rapper is now saying the film is painting him in the wrong light, while also making unauthorized use of his music.

TMZ reports that Lil Wayne has already informed the judge that he won’t be showing up in court because of his condition.

Instead, the jury will see and hear his deposition tape, which will be played in court – the same deposition that went viral in September.

The judge was not amused by it, the e-zine says.

“Lil Wayne will not appear at his trial after suffering several seizure-like episodes, and the only Wayne the jury will see is his video deposition – a depo which the judge said shows he acted like an irresponsible little child,” TMZ writes.

His exact words were that Lil Wayne displayed “unreasonable conduct in the deposition” and “irresponsible behavior.”

“Wayne's lawyer told the judge he will play Wayne's deposition tapes for the jury, but there will be NO Wayne in person. But that's a huge problem because the tapes show Wayne acting like a child, giving glib one liners and refusing to answer questions,” TMZ further says.

Whether the rapper actually thinks he stands a chance of winning the lawsuit with the hilarious deposition is unknown, but we assume that’s the case since he gave precise instructions to his attorney in this sense.

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