Lil Wayne Pays Massive $7.72 Million (€5.85 Million) Debt in Back Taxes

Rapper pays his dues to the IRS after it threatens to seize his Miami mansion

Lil Wayne once said something along the lines of money being of no consequence to him. That also seems to apply where taxes are concerned – because he recently amassed $7.72 million (€5.85 million) in debt to the IRS.

That the rapper is not exactly a role model of legality must no longer be a secret, especially since he’s the first to boast about it.

Still, even so, it seems that he really went out of his way to anger the IRS, which was forced to threaten to seize his $11 million (€8.34 million) Miami mansion to pay off his huge tax debt.

The threat had the desired effect, the Daily Mail reports.

“The chart-topping rapper just handed over $7.72million [€5.85 million] in back taxes after the U.S. Internal Revenue Service threatened to seize his $11million [€8.34 million] Miami mansion,” says the British tab.

Admittedly, the rapper had not paid his taxes since 2002, and the IRS was getting fed up waiting for him to do so on his own.

“The Grammy winner, real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, owed a reported $3.35 million [€2.54 million] in taxes for 2008 and $2.25 million [€17 million] for 2009, plus other unpaid taxes and late fees dating back in 2002,” the Mail writes.

With the risk of stating the obvious, that’s a lot of money right there: in total, Lil Wayne owed the IRS a whopping $7.72 million (€5.85 million).

“As time dragged on, the IRS placed liens on Wayne's sprawling 15,501 square foot home in an attempt to collect on the debt. The three story, waterfront mansion is made of glass, steel and marble and boasts a three-level guesthouse,” the report further mentions.

Lil Wayne is not the only celebrity to recently make headlines for “forgetting” to pay their taxes: Stephen Baldwin was arrested in NYC for the same reason earlier this month, while Lindsay Lohan had all her bank accounts seized.

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