Lil Wayne Loses Lawsuit Over Quincy Jones Documentary

Rapper failed to show up in court even after judge scolded him

Lil Wayne is no good at winning lawsuits: the rapper has just lost his case against Quincy Jones over a documentary shot whilst recording his album “Tha Carter III,” it has emerged.

The rapper has made plenty of headlines in recent months with the lawsuit, not so much because of the claims made in it, but rather because of his childish, immature behavior during the procedures.

It was precisely this that made him lose the case, TMZ reports.

“Lil Wayne just lost his case against Quincy Jones III over the documentary about the rapper, and even worse for him, he lost the countersuit QIII filed against him,” the celebrity e-zine reports.

As a result, Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay Quincy about $2.2 million (€1.71 million) because his initial suit intentionally blocked the release of the film, thus damaging its “profit potential.”

“Lil Wayne never showed up in court for his trial,” TMZ writes about what made the jury side with Quincy in the case.

“The day he was supposed to testify he was a no-show because he had suffered several seizure-like episodes and was prohibited from flying. As a result, his lawyer was left to show the jury Wayne's deposition, in which he refuses to answer questions and mocks the proceeding,” the same report notes.

Indeed, Lil Wayne was at home recovering from one or two seizures he had suffered mid-flight just days before but, then again, his attorney could have come up with something better than to show the jury the deposition tapes.

These, as we also noted over the summer, were as weird as they were erratic and hilarious. In one of them, Wayne seemed to be threatening the attorney questioning him, though he denied it.

In others, he was seen absent-mindedly ignoring questions, while in another, he claimed not to remember anything from the deal he’d made with Quincy Jones, through which he agreed to allow camera follow him around as he recorded the aforementioned album.

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