Lil Wayne Lies About Being Banned from All NBA Events

NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications Mark Broussard speaks out

Lil Wayne can’t keep himself out of trouble. After leaving a Miami Heat – LA Lakers game and then saying he was kicked out for no reason, he went on the record to say that the Miami Heat had gotten him banned from all NBA events.

Check out the video below to hear it straight from him. You will also note that he claims he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife.

Even though the rapper seems pretty certain that he just got banned for life because, he says, he was rooting for the Lakers at the game from which he got booted, an NBA spokesperson says he’s pretty much lying.

There is “no truth at all” to Wayne’s claims that he’s banned, NBA Senior Director of Basketball Communications says in a brief statement to TMZ.

As of this moment, Wayne is yet to respond to this – but you can be sure he will do that when the occasion arises.

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